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Aslam Walikum My all Dear Brother and sister, today we give you Powerful Dua to Stop Divorce. Marriage is the divine bond between husband and wife. Sometimes there will be a conflict between the husband and wife, and when the situation worsens, and no sign of the problem getting better seems to be evident, many couples take the final step, which is divorce. Contact us

Sometimes, couples can get into serious fights and arguments that they cannot recover from the issue. It is indeed painful to always be in difficult situations like divorce, and it can seem to be a hopeless moment for you. 

If your partner wishes to leave you because of an unjust reason and wishes to stay with them, you can use the dua to stop divorce. You can also perform dua for protection against divorce. Sometimes divorce can happen because of the interference from Shaitan or from someone who wishes ill will for you and your partner. All Dua or Wazifa mention below, so perform it correctly.

If the problems in your marriage burden you, then read the full article, and if you have further doubts or inquiries, you can consult with us

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Here is Powerful Dua to Stop Divorce Step by Step –

The dua to stop Divorce is extremely powerful and can be used by those who wish to continue to be in a relationship with the partner who wishes to leave. Follow the instructions given below to perform a powerful dua to stop Divorce.

Note this – This dua to Stop Divorce between husband and wife should be done After Fajr Morning Prayer.

  1. First, Do Wuzu and clean yourself.
  2. Now Recite Surah-Ar-Rahman (1-5) three times.
  3. Then you have to recite Durood Sharif ten times.
  4. After That, Recite 100 times Ayat given below on the image.
  5. Finally, Pray Dua to Almighty Allah to stop Divorce between you.

Do this for one week. Within one week you will get effects. You can also try this dua which we have given below on the image.


Here is Dua to Save Marriage from Divorce Step by Step –

This Dua to Save Marriage from Divorce will protect your marriage from divorce and solve the problems that you and your partner face in your marriage.

  • The first step is to perform a complete ablution.
  • Then recite DUROOD-E-INAAM Five times.
  • Now Open chapter No.15 on Quran.
  • Read Surah Al-Hijr Verse (1-5) three times.
  • Finally, Pray to Allah SWT to save your marriage from divorce.

Continue to do this for seven days. Within seven days, you see these ritual effects. If you need any help, then contact us.

If you can do this dua to protect against divorce sincerely, you will see instant results.

This dua requires your devotion and complete faith as it will be a solution to your marriage problems. Only use this dua for protection against divorce if you have no other choice and if you wish to stay with your significant other. We also provide dua to same marriage from divorce on the given image you can try this also. 


If you want your husband to love you madly and pay all his attention to you, and became crazy in love with you, then you can read this article Wazifa to make your husband crazy in love. This will solve this problem.

Here is Dua to Reunite Husband and Wife Step by Step –

The dua to stop divorce will prevent your marriage from going into chaos. If you have conflict and misunderstandings with your spouse, which is causing a fall out in your relationship, then the dua for husband and wife to get back together will help you.

  • First, you have to perform ablution.
  • Then you have to recite the Durood Shareef eleven times.
  • After that, you have to recite the Dua “Bismillahi Alwasao Jallah Jalalahuoo” 100 times.

If you continue for one week to do this dua with a pure heart and honest intentions, Allah will give you a favourable answer.


Important Note –

You should follow some rules when performing the Powerful Dua To Bring Husband And Wife Closer because a dua offered to Allah in an insincere manner can be considered a sin.

  1. Women should avoid performing the dua during their menses.
  2. Always keep the person you wish to reunite with on your mind.
  3. Be patient as Allah answers our prayers in His own time.
  4. Your dua must not be one that arose from a selfish desire and must also be for the good of your partner.

The dua to stop Divorce is important for those couples who are at the brink of it because Allah has commanded us to preserve our relationships. This dua can help solve the problems between the husband and wife, driving them apart and understanding them.

Sometimes we see people come to us and ask about their lover don’t love them, then we can solve this problem to read this Dua to Make Relationship Stronger.

Communication is very important in every relationship. If there is no communication, then we face a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. If your husband is not listening to you, you can read this article for a husband to listen to his wife.

Important Note Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah to Stop Divorce?

Surah Al-Fath will stop your Divorce. If you do it correctly, First recite Surah Rahman, then recite Surah Al-Fath verse (1-4) five times. Do this ritual by your pure heart with faith in Allah SWT. You will se effects within one week. This Surah will stop your Divorce.

I want dua for my husband to love me like before and let everything be fine. Which dua will help me?

Surah An-Nazi’at is the Powerful Surah for your husband to love you like before. In that case, you should recite Durood Shareef for Elven times. Then, recite Surah An-Nazi’at (1-5) Five times for one week after Isha Namaz. Do this ritual with your pure heart and faith in Allah Tala. You should see the effects your husband loves you again like before. 

How do I change my husband’s mind about Divorce?

You can change your husband’s mind by showing more affection and respect, or you can perform this Dua to create love in your husband’s heart. This will help you.

My husband is with some other woman which dua will help me?

If your husband is having an affair with other women, then this Dua to stop my husband from having an affair this will help you. Remove all eveil from your life

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